Late Shri Deepchandji Dubey

The strength of any phenomenon depends on its core on root. Similarly the strength of any institiute depends on its excellence. and good will.

Field depends upon the fertility of soil, quality of seeds, irrigation and proper management. These four pillars togather can make a difference. Similarly the four pillars of PIS Khategaon are management, Principal , Teachers and students. The open and deeper view of founders can be spreads through principal to their teacher. The commitment of excellence in all fields, with emphasis on the motto of serving knowledge.

Learning is not attained by chance it must be sought for wih hard work and passions. We are commited for academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, sports, high standard of ethical awarence and community service. The school offer a range of activities and opportunities that are designed to promote excellence, confidence and self esteem.The values are added to each other students by various school activities and board curriculum.

We emphasize our students to develope as a true citizen.

Princple Desk
 "Learning is not attained by    chance. It must be sought for,  with hard work and passions. "

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Meenu Mishra (Principal) 

Director Massage
 "knowledge does not comprise  all which is calculated in a large  term of education. The feeling  are to be disciplined and the  passions are to be restrained."  Read More  

Sudhir Dubey