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We emphasize our students to develope as a true citizen.

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Welcome to Pushpdeep International School.

The essence of education is the unfolding of children’s Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual being and awakening of the intelligence inherent in them. Our whole endeavor is dedicated on realizing this objective for every child.

Pushpdeep International School strives to provide Integral Education for every student. Integral education stands for an all round unfolding and awakening of intelligence in each and every child. The multiple potential in each child is identified and drawn out through well thought out activities. Integral education addresses the growth need and deficiency need of each child and provides nourishment's for all the parts of the being - for the teachers and students as well.

Pushpdeep International School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future. To fulfill the vision, P.I.S. provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential. The school has well stocked libraries, laboratories, audio-visual equipments, computers and indoor/outdoor games facilities. The school provides airy and spacious classrooms as well as modern facilities, such as, well designed art rooms, smart classes and robotics.

Pushpdeep is a leading global educational institution for children with an approach to preserve the very ideals of Indian culture and values. We work on empowering young adults by helping them to rediscover country’s spiritual treasure, its true history and in making them sensitive towards country’s global responsibility. We aim at the overall personality development of our students, honing their leadership skills and looking after their physical, mental and emotional growth. It's a space which can be experienced as a home away from home, where one learns without the fear of being compared, judged and discriminated. It’s a space where one learns by becoming aware about one’s conditioning without the lure of rewards or fear of punishments.